“''Your work speaks only to those on the same wavelength as you.' This is so true. If it resonates with me, then it will resonate with my audience. Art is such a beautiful way to connect with people in this way.

I have been painting for 20 years and naturally my style has evolved with my life experiences but I think that is imperative to making good art, or at least making good life! I try not to stay too stagnant, to not be too commercial, but to remain curious and passionate - Afterall that is why I started painting to begin with. There is this Bowie quote which comes to mind now which seems poignant, "Always remember that the reason that you initially started working was that there was something inside yourself that you felt that if you can manifest it in some way, you would understand more about yourself and how you co-exist with the rest of society.". 

There is something comforting about the familiarity of that ebb and flow and how over time I get to know myself more by  allowing that freedom to explore my own thoughts and curiosity. Confidence is a big part of being an artist too, you have to not be concerned with what anyone else thinks and while that can take some practice, there is something really liberating to be found once you reach this point.

My art is becoming increasingly raw and there is so much excitement and joy in that for me personally. I feel like it is a little tick of authenticity to have spent 20 years painting and not in the least bit lost my passion or enthusiasm for colour, music and movement in the process. It is just a wonderfully cathartic and beautifully energised experience for me and I am very grateful to wake each morning and cycle with my dog Chloé to my studio in Melbourne, where I feel most free and at peace, and genuinely excited for life - if I could share just a small part of that feeling through my art with others, I would be very happy."