200cm x 170cm


"Glass Half Full" delves into the dichotomy of hope and despair that is deeply rooted in human consciousness. The painting is an abstract representation of the philosophical question that challenges our perception of reality: Is the glass half full or half empty?

Through a monochromatic palette of greys, blacks, and whites, I invite the viewer to ponder the relativity of our experiences. The objects on the table, a bowl and a glass, serve as metaphors for life's offerings and our responses to them. The text "GLASS HALF FULL" anchors the theme, prompting a reflection on optimism amidst uncertainty.

The varied brushstrokes and textures in the background symbolize the layers of complexity in our lives. The undefined forms and the interplay of light and shadow echo the ambiguity of our emotions and the choices we make.

This piece is a contemplation on perspective, a visual dialogue between the artist and the observer, challenging them to find their own meaning within the canvas.

Original acrylic on stretched canvas painting by Joanna Wolthuizen, 2024.

Artist initialed on the front lower right-side of the painting.
Full signature on the back.